Embossed Style Sunstrip
Embossed Style Sunstrip
Embossed Style Sunstrip
Embossed Style Sunstrip
Embossed Style Sunstrip
Embossed Style Sunstrip

Embossed Style Sunstrip


Our signature stealth embossed style sunstrip.

make a statement without being loud about it, add a finer detail to your windscreen.

This product is of two part construction consisting off;

1x superior quality wrap Viynl sun-strip ( we challenge you to find better

1x BLACKMARKET banner logo ( made of the same material)

To fit this product and create the embossed effect, fit BLACKMARKET logo to windscreen in desired location first, then fit sunstrip over the top.

DO NOT APPLY WITH WATER, DO NOT FIT ON GLASS THAT HAS CLEANING PRODUCTS ON, product will not adhere properly is surface has products designed to prevent dirt from sticking to it! 

first two images supplied by Unholy Automotive 

Why choose us?
Reason one

We pride ourselves on quality over quantity. We wouldn't put our name against a product that we don't believe is the best it can be. We will sacrifice profits and margins if we can increase quality! 

Reason two

We support those who support us. BLACKMARKET/BLKMKT has always been about creating a community of car enthusiasts that can all be identified via our products. This all blew up from a close group of our friends all running matching decals! 


Although we're not a "big name" brand, our trademarked logos stand out. We're friends and work with some of the best photographers in the UK car scene so when they spot our products, they always capture them! You could see your car on our feed, or your favourite photographers! 


Our new INTERNATIONAL SERIES wire globe take on our iconic "Torii Gate" logo is to demonstrate our current goal. After selling products all over the world and seeing them on vehicles at shows in the USA, to beaches in Australia, we felt inspired to produce a new design that demonstrates our coverage.