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Embossed Style Sunstrip

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Our signature stealth embossed style sunstrip.

make a statement without being loud about it, add a finer detail to your windscreen.

This product is of two part construction consisting off;

1x superior quality wrap Vinyl sun-strip ( we challenge you to find better

1x BLACKMARKET banner logo ( made of the same material)

To fit this product and create the embossed effect, fit BLACKMARKET logo to windscreen in desired location first, then fit sunstrip over the top.

DO NOT APPLY WITH WATER, DO NOT FIT ON GLASS THAT HAS CLEANING PRODUCTS ON, product will not adhere properly if surface has products designed to prevent dirt from sticking to it! 

BLACKMARKET/ BLACKMARKET.TEAM / BLKMKT is not liable for any decal products once backing paper is removed by purchasing a decal you accept full responsibility for correct fitment.
Please ensure all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned with a soap or alcohol mix cleaning solution. Window cleaning products are designed to prevent dirt/ objects sticked to your screen so these should be avoided.